The structure of essays

Like any good history, essays also have a fixed structure. Do you know the basic structure is easy to learn? Because you can follow as a blueprint and fill the dots “only” with life. What do you need to learn to write essay? First, the framework must be answered: What is the theme of the essay, what should go in the text?

indexHow much space you have available? For whom do you write the essay, who is your target audience?

After answering these questions, you can get to the collection of material on your topic. What information must necessarily be included in the text, which have rather entertaining character? Find your topic thoroughly and take notes on specific items. Do you have gathered enough information; you begin the next step with the outline. Each essay should be an introduction, have a body and a conclusion.

indexThe introduction builds to the story. She gives a brief overview and serves to guide the reader. The questions “What is it?” In addition, “Who is involved?” Should be answered at this point. An introduction is short. You should not make up more than 10 percent of the entire text. In the main part of the actual history of the essay is told. “What exactly happened?”

In addition, “How did the participants react?” Are questions that you can ask in this context? In a factual issue in the main part, the arguments are. The conclusion is similar kept short as the introduction. The point of the story is presented, results are summarized.

Tips and Tricks


With a little practice and a few little tricks to learn to write essay is quite simple. Include quiet in your research with friends and acquaintances. What do they know about the topic, what they think about it? Your essay will receive in additional facets.

Jot down your fabric collection and your key points on index cards. Therefore, you can bring the cards later in any desired order. Note the rough division after introduction, body and conclusion. The individual items you need for the final text should state then only. When you learn to write essay counts not only a clear structure, but also a clear language. Be in Pictures and bring many examples. Work with a synonym dictionary to formulate varied. Finally, test your text for spelling errors. Done!