Doctoral dissertation abroad

In addition, chairs abroad offer the opportunity for promotion. Who plays with the idea of writing his thesis at a foreign university should deal with before the advantages and disadvantages of this step. Depending on what they want to achieve professionally then, the promotion abroad also affects adversely on the resume. indexUltimately, however, I have decided against it. In the following, I will show you the pros and cons in my view.

Benefits of promotion abroad

A stay abroad expands the personal horizons and is usually recommended. Restrictions must be only concerning future career goals do (at the disadvantages to more). There are a number of foreign universities abroad such as MIT, Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford, who are internationally known, and therefore represent a big point on your CV. Anyone who receives an offer of such a university, can take this step without worry.

One only need to take into account that the difference between a PhD from a German doctoral studies. While in Germany wants a strong practical relevance, especially in the business disciplines, is the dissertation process, especially in the English-dominated institutions and more scientific research in the model corresponds to the “behind closed doors”. In addition, the promotion abroad to learn or perfect a foreign language and learning about a new culture.

Disadvantages of a promotion abroad

As already mentioned above, the future professional goals and the place of doctoral studies are crucial for assessing their resume from the perspective of human resource managers. Serves the promotion as a career accelerator, a stay in Guadeloupe or similar exotic destinations is not recommended for promotion.

Even the argument that very chair has given them the ideal conditions and promotion, they needed at the time, no one will remove them. Rather it is assumed that they have indulged in after the “stressful” a multi-year study leave at the beach. May adhere to the discipline they wish to graduate. In the engineering disciplines an overseas promotion is not recommended, as recognized in Germany universities are available. If you plan to return to work later in Germany, you will not ask why they have a PhD in these universities.

Conclusion: A foreign doctorate, I would recommend just in case of an internationally renowned university. In all other cases, in my view it is more advisable. Tomorrow starts a new contribution to the series “doctorate Successful.” This involves the issue of “code of conduct PhD”.